The Big Gundown

Taking their name from a 1966 spaghetti western film, The Big Gundown was a Dallas, TX, based band, active from 1994-98. Their six-song self-titled CD EP was released in 1996 on Living Records. Led by Mike Haskins (formerly lead guitarist for legendary punk rockers The Nervebreakers) and featuring the torch-song vocals of Miss Patti Haskins, The Big Gundown updated and reimagined the sounds of the spaghetti western soundtracks of the sixties and seventies. They recorded a thrilling version of “Maybe One, Maybe Nine,” from the film “Uno Dopo L’altro” (aka “One After The Other’, aka “Day After Tomorrow”). Their EP also includes original homages to other spaghetti western films, such as “To The Last Drop Of Blood,” The Big Gundown pic002“Texas Goodbye,” and “Any Gun Can Play.” Their cover of Nina Simone’s “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” should have been the theme for a spaghetti western!

Mike Haskins is currently active with his Dallas-based garage psyche band The Mike Haskins Experience, and his twangy instrumental guitar combo The Big Guns (along with Danny McCreary from The Big Gundown). Miss Patti Haskins is an artist with cool stuff here.

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